For a great many of us the mid to late spring is an exciting time. Do you know why this is? Well it is fair time. It is time to dig into your closet and find your favorite faire outfit. You may have multiple renaissance costumes to pick from so there is not time to waste. You may be looking for some fresh ideas to improve your medieval attire or you are new to this sense and need to some guides wither way I am going to give some helpful tips on how to be a king at your local ren fair.


Let’s start with construction of a fair maiden’s outfit of this time period. Think solid colors you need to remember that these were simpler times and there were few women that were able to afford elaborate and colorful clothes. This is primarily a suggestion for skirts. Oh yes nothing I say here is a hard and fast rule. I know a lot of people like to go down a list and be exact but this is also a time you can be creative. What I am recommending is a sort of outline. I would also recommend an ankle length skirt. If you can come up with 2 skirts the entire better. Have the bottom of the second skirt hang out somewhat.


On the top have a lose shirt. If you are able to come up with a shirt known as a pirate shirt or it may also be known as a poet shirt even better. Over this shirt put a vest. As to what this vest should be well is up to you. You can make it multi color to give it a sort of patch work look or a muted solid look will work as well. If you can a lace vest would be great. Another idea is a bodice. Thus completing your renaissance costume.


So here is my latest tip for your Renaissance faire outfits you are working on putting together.


The past what is it about the past? No matter who you are it always has a pull on us. Don’t believe look at all the movies about the past or look the study of the past in archeology hell there is even a TV network called the History Channel. So I think it is safe to say we are fascinated with the past. However there is a time period in which we all seem to be especially fascinated with and that is the renaissance and medieval time period.helpful Renaissance Festival Costume tips and ideas

The first thing I want to start out with is if you don’t know the renaissance and medieval are 2 very different points in time. I am sure you know this but what you will find in many festivals and costumes pertaining to the renaissance and medieval times is they are all sort of lumped together. If you think about it what I just mentioned sort of makes my case for me. Renaissance faire and festivals are held all over the world with both attendees and performers dress in similar renaissance garb for the faire.

So let’s getting to the exciting part and discuss the real reason you are here. What are you going to wear to the renaissance festival you are planning to attend? Fist off anyone can through jeans and some sort of shirt, but where is the fun in that? Part of the charm in going to these festivals is that they are all immersive. With that being said I strongly encourage you to rack your brain for ideas and come up with a festival costume for the renaissance fair you are heading to. Don’t worry as I said before I am going to try and help guide with suggestions and tips on how or what is the best way to dress up when heading to a ren fair.


Let’s look first at a homemade outfit. Depending on what persona you are going for will impact greatly on what ideas you may or may not have for your renaissance garb. One of the easiest to emulate is a peasant. For most of the peasant type costumes solid colors are the way to go. They shouwhat to wear to a renaissance festivalld also be rather baggy in many cases. If you are a peasant woman bust extenuation is ok most of you can be imaginative. You can be very creative us what you have around the house darker colors are great and leather is always a good way to go. You might want to stay away from patterns for a costume most renaissance festivals run towards the muted but like all things in this fun world you are only bound by your imagination.

If you are thinking of being a royal then you will want to think in terms of color. You may or may not know but the royal color is purple. Also these outfits will be more elaborate. Remember back in the day there was no middle class you were very rich or very poor. So with type of medieval garb you can go a little crazy if you like.

When looking for Renaissance Festival Costume Ideas the internet is your friend like this site with its pictures videos and likes to other helpful sites.

So you are planning a trip back in time. In this new land you do not wish to stick out like a sore thumb. What is it you can do to avoid the locals unwanted attention. Well that is to dress in Renaissance Faire Costumes for a queentime period garb. You don’t want to look out of place and be mistaken for a witch or warlock.

OK I know a bit over the top but hey that is the fun of a Ren Fair right? Being over the top and looking the part is a big part of the fun. So you want to know what to wear at the renaissance festival. Should you rent a period costume, or is it better to buy and complete medieval wardrobe. The other option is to make your own costume for the renaissance fair you are planning to go to.


Before you strap on a sword or lace up your corset whether you are festival regular or a newbie to the renaissance sense do you ever wonder how this all started? I am guessing if you are interested in these types of festivals then you are somewhat interested in history maybe not a avid history buff but interest so I am going to say yes you would like a bit of back ground on how the renaissance faire and costumes came to be.

So when did all this fun begin? Way back in ancient times the early 1960’s a Los Angles teacher struggled with something most of us who have kids can relate to and that is getting through to them. So what this brilliant teacher did was put on a fair with period garb and period events in her back yard. This gala lasted for a week and was a smashing success. It was so successful that it became an annual festival and as word spread it took on a life of its own with renaissance dressed actors and patrons everywhere.

Now you have decided you are not going to go in 21st century attire rather you are going to head to the fair in time authentic costumes. What to do?

Fist thing you need to do is decided before putting together your renaissance faire costumes is how accurate you wish your attire to be for the time period you are portraying. If you are just starting out I would recommend you not get too wrapped up period correctness. Look at some pictures and come close.

Renaissance knightsSo pick the character you want to be. Are you royalty, a knight, peasant, squire and so on. When you have your character you can start looking at pictures and costumes online. From this info you will get some great ideas on the route you need to go to come up with the best medieval look.

You also need to figure out how much you wish to spend on this adventure. You can garb yourself in festival attire with some carefully placed house hold items or you can go all out and purchase a very elaborate outfit that is up to you. If you are planning on making this a regular affair then it might not be a bad idea to gear up as they say.

This is just a first look in renaissance costumes and moving on we will look into more detail of this exciting life and hobby. With looks in weapons accessories and even under garments. So book mark us shares us and most of all keep coming back for more festival outfit ideas.